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How Your FP&A Team Can Help Marketing Drive Revenue and Profit

How Your FP&A Team Can Help Marketing Drive Revenue and Profit

Does your FP&A Team work well with your Marketing Team? Hit play, learn how to make that relationship strong so you can drive company revenue and profit.

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Be Good Friends with Marketing

Does your Marketing Team avoid eye contact with your FP&A Team?

FP&A and Marketing folks can be very different cats.

But they also have common ground.

We’ve been lucky to establish great relationships with our Marketing peers.

Hear how we did it and why it helped drive long-term revenue and profit.

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Marketing Loves FP&A

Marketing is all about driving awareness.

And what does Marketing need to drive this awareness?


Do you think your FP&A expertise can help?

Let’s dive in.

Show Notes

  • 00:20 - Marketing does NOT want to hear “NO, NO, NO" from FP&A

  • 01:25 - Marketing is about generating interest

  • 03:15 - Driving sales with efficient spend is critical to Marketing success

  • 03:50 - Marketing spend starts with purchase orders—know the details 🫵

  • 04:55 - Ask WHY a bunch of times to understand Marketing spend

  • 06:45 - Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) helps companies both big and small

  • 07:55 - Understand your COCA (cost of customer acquisition)

  • 09:55 - Favorable marketing spend (aka savings) is not always a good thing

  • 11:50 - Take initiative and understand what Marketing does

What Does Marketing Do?

There are a million ways to market your company’s products or services.

Social media, billboards, paid search, newspaper ads…you name it.

Your Marketing Team figures out which marketing channels make sense.

With the primary goal of driving awareness (insanely important).

🔥TIP: Set up a purchase order process to track marketing spend.

Why Does Marketing Matter?

Your company could be the best in the world at what it does.

But what if no one knows your company exists?


That’s why your company MUST be good at marketing.

Make sure you show your Marketing Team the money.

And help them spend it efficiently and effectively (that’s important too).

Things FP&A Can Do To Make Marketing Friends

Building a great relationship takes time and baby steps.

  1. Learn what Marketing spends money on by diving into purchase orders

    1. Top/bottom vendors

    2. Top/bottom channels

  2. Sit with Marketing and ask WHY—let them teach you their ways

  3. Stand up a CLTV model to help them attract the ideal prospect

🔥TIP: Read this to learn how to do CLTV analysis.

REMEMBER, don’t lead with that word.

Conclusion: Marketing Is In Your Friend Zone

Marketing wants your company to grow revenue and profits.

That’s your common ground.

Help them help your company by using your financial and technical (excel) skills.

Your Marketing Team will thank you for demystifying their marketing spend.

And for helping your company achieve its goals.

Keep learning and having fun.

How’s your business partnership with Marketing?

Share your experiences by replying to this. We read and reply to every email.

Now go have fun making an impact on your business and your career!

See you next week 👊

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