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How to Land an FP&A Job with ZERO Experience in a Specific Industry

Today, we go audio 👊

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Now onto our post.

Landing an FP&A Job with ZERO Experience in a Specific Industry

👉A few months back, we wrote a post on how to ace your next FP&A interview.

From it, one of our FP&HEY enthusiasts shared the following question:

“How do you land a job at a company with no experience in their industry?”

Good news, we’ve experienced this in our FP&A career.

Drew discusses his experience interviewing with the CFO of a SaaS (software-as-a-service) company and shares:

  1. A trick that breaks the ice in an interview

  2. Using an interviewer’s pain point to elevate your credentials

  3. Connecting what you know to solve THE problem

Today, we’re going audio.

🎧 Have a listen by clicking on the video above.

🔥TIP: Set speed to 2x and hear it all in under 3 minutes.

Don’t like listening to Drew’s sweet baritone voice and Boston accent?

No problem, reading is fun too.

We’ve also included:

  1. TLDL (too long didn’t listen) with pics of Drew on Times Square billboards

  2. The entire transcript if you really need a sleep aid

  3. Our usual conclusion (get pumped to use this info today)

Now go level up those FP&A interview skills. 💪

TL;DL (too long; didn’t listen)

Here’s the bullet summary of what Drew shares:

  1. Drew interviewed with CFO at a billion-dollar SaaS company

  2. Drew’s problem—ZERO experience in SaaS (but plenty in shaving products)

  3. Drew found an article via Google that CFO was quoted in (the hook🎃)

  4. The article highlighted how CFO had a problem 5 years prior

  5. SaaS company was down to its last 7k GBP in the bank (pain point 👋)

  6. CFO stressed the importance of cash and profit (opportunity 🍀)

  7. Drew mentioned the article when introducing himself to the CFO

  8. Drew and CFO chatted for 45 minutes about that challenging time

  9. Drew then told CFO how he helped grow profits at his prior jobs

  10. By using customer and product profitability analysis (show value 🆘)

  11. Performed this analysis in two different industries (flexibility💡)

  12. Drew then shared this same approach can work in SaaS

  13. CFO almost jumped out of his seat (solve their problem 💪)

  14. CFO expressed he was seeking someone to solve this problem

  15. Drew received offer and went to New York 2 years later

Can you find Drew among the NASDAQ confetti?
Who opened those windows on this Times Square building?

The way-too-long transcript

Download here

Conclusion: Get your foot in the door

We all start somewhere.

Do not discount the skills and experiences you have.

Use them to show your hustle and ability to learn new things.

  • What do you want to work on?

  • Where do you want to work?

  • Who do you want to work with?

Find that next role you want and show how you can be a problem solver.

It will help you land that job, regardless of the industry you come from.

Now go crush that next FP&A interview. 👊

Ready to open career doors with your new FP&A interview tips?

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Now go have fun making an impact on your business and your career!

Drew & Yarty
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